New John Wayne The Duke in his Own Words Book

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Duke In His Own Words Book

John Wayne played many roles, including roles off the screen such as dutiful father, loyal friend, unwavering patriot, and part time politician.  And you can get his point of view on these things through his letters to his fans, his friends, his family members and even some American troops.  You can read his quotes, his first hand stories, and his anecdotes shared by those people closest to him.

The book includes an introduction by his son (Ethan Wayne) and never before seen photos from the family archives.

This hardcover book is 208 pages.

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New John Wayne Colorized Quarters

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John Wayne Movies Colorized Quarters

Commemorative Iowa state quarters, six to be exact, with each one of them layered in 24 karat gold.  There is also a colorized image on each of the quarters. Each of the quarters has a portrait of "The Duke" from his roles in "Fort Apache", "Chism", "The Conqueror", "Jet Pilot", "The Longest Day", and "The Camancheros". Yes, the are legal tender, they are encased in premium coin capsules, and there is a Certificate of Authenticity.

John Wayne Cowboy "The Fort" Hat

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John Wayne The Fort Hat

The ultimate in Western wear, this cowboy hat is in the same style as the one wore by "The Duke" himself.  This felt hat is crushable and springs back into shape.&nbsp It is in a nuetral "silver belly" color, with burnishing in all the correct places.  It has that well-wore look.  It has a four inch crown and a three and a half inch brim.  It is currently available in four sizes.

Small: Fits 6-7/8 to 7
Medium: Fits 7-1/8 to 7-1/4
Large: Fits 7-3/8 to 7-1/2
X-Large: Fits 7-5/8

John Wayne Toothpick Dispenser


This dispenser is made of sturdy plastic with chrome accents. One simple twist and the dispenser delivers one toothpick for the user. The dispenser has images of "The Duke" printed on it.

The dispenser includes a starter set of toothpicks to hold you over until you can restock from the store. The dispenser is 3 inches by 4 inches by 2 and a quarter inches.

John Wayne Fine Morphing Mug

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John Wayne Fine Morning Mug

Even if you are a morning person, sometimes you just got to get a cup of coffee in ya.  This mug holds an 18 ounces of coffee (or your other favorite beverage) and has a full 360 graphic with an Old West theme that wraps around the mug. The mug is microwave safe, but must be hand washed.

John Wayne Bacon Hot Chocolate Mix


It is time for a real MAN'S drink!  This tin contains eight ounces of bacon flovored hot chocolate.  This is a great item for a chocolate fan, a bacon fan, or a fan of John Wayne.

Official John Wayne Grill Book

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Official John Wayne Grill Book

John Wayne was a big man, and he had a big appetite to match!  This official cookbook has a variety of meals from the Duke's table.  It includes Tex-Mex classics, Western barbeque, and countless menus in between.  In addition to the recipes, John's son Ethan Wayne shares numerous beautiful photes, anecdotes, and heart-warming stories about his legendary father, who remains one of America's most enduring icons.  This softcover book has 256 pages.

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John Wayne And Western Trios DVD

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John Wayne And Western Trios DVD Set

A gang of Western legends is lead by John Wayne in this collection of classic films from yesteryear.  The gang of Hollywoods biggest heros on harseback inclues: Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Crash Corrigan, Robert Livingston, Gabby Hayes, Dusty King and, of course, The Duke himself!

This collection of 10 DVDs has over 60 hours bad guy mayhem and cowboy chivalry.  There is also a bonus documentary and an episode guest-starring Wayne on "The Lucy Show" with Lucille Ball.

Video/DVD, books, and audio products may be returned in exchange for the same title only.

John Wayne Quote Mug Set

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John Wayne Quote Mug Set

The mug set is back!  Get one while they are available.  Each of the two ceramic coffee mugs in this set includes a famous quote from "The Duke".  There is a quote on one side, with a great image from his legendary movie career on the other side.  These mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. The mugs hold 12 ounces and are intended for the adult collector and not for children.

John Wayne And Barrel Shakers

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John Wayne And Barrel Shaker Set

Although he's most associated with a double-barrel shotgun, just one single barrel comprises half of this unique hand painted ceramic set of salt & pepper shakers. The other half of the pair is a bust of John.  Each half is affixed with mini magnets that keep them together for display.  This is a must-have for fans of "The Duke." 3 inches tall.

John Wayne The Duke Apron

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John Wayne The Duke Apron

Gather the gang, clang the dinner bell, and serve up some fresh grilled food or chuckwagon grub.  Perfect for the grill master to wear at the cookout.

This apron is 100% cotton with a fantastic image of The Duke on it.  It has a utensil pocket and ties.  It is 30 inches long from the bib to the hem and is 26 inches wide.  One size fits most people.  It is imported.

John Wayne Eyeglasses Case And Cloth

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John Wayne Eyeglasses Case And Cloth

Yes, you could have your eyeglasses protected by The Duke!  This sturdy case is hinged with a padded cover and soft lining to protect your lenses.  Also includes a microfiber cloth for cleaning your lenses without scratching them.  The case is 6.75 inches long.

John Wayne T-Shirt

$22.95 to $28.69 depending on size

The cowboy is one of the most recognizable roles for The Duke. This T-Shirt is printed on the front using a sublimated ink process. This 100% polyester shirt holds its color for wash after wash. This one of a kind printing process also has inherent random spots of missing ink and slight wrinkles, making each shirt unique. This shirt is imported.

John Wayne Playing Cards with Storage Tin

Two decks of special edition playing cards. 52 different images of The Duke from various film roles in each deck of cards. Both decks can be stored in the re-usable keepsake tin. The tin measures 5.5" x 4" x 1.75".

John Wayne Film Cels

This is a limited edition production, with a run of 2500 copies. This presentation is in a 13 by 11 inch frame, and includes real film from the movie. This officially licensed product has an acrylic front and back to display the film.

Merv Griffin Show DVD Set

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Merv Griffin Show DVD Set
This is not a typical John Wayne collectible, but John Wayne was one of many guests on the show during its run on TV.

In this long running talk show (1962 to 1986), the charming and intelligent Merv welcomed over 25,000 guests to his Emmy-winning show!  Sit back and revisit 44 classic episodes, remastered from original tapes on this 12 disc set, featuring his interviews with Jane Fonda, Orson Welles, Martin Luther King Jr., Richard Nixon, John Glenn, Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Redd Foxx, Muhammad Ali, Joan Rivers, Andy Warhol, Timothy Leary, Maya Angelou, and many more.

This disc set also includes a 52-page booklet with liner notes and never-before-seen photos. There are also 7 hours of bonus extras!

Some of the episodes are in black and white, some are in color.  The 12 discs provide a total run time of 42 hours.  Video/DVD, books, and audio products may be returned in exchange for the same title only.

John Wayne Talking Pocket Watch

This talking analog pocket watch comes with a collectible storage tin and an actual recording of John Wayne's voice. This storage tin is 1/2 inch by 1 3/4 inch by 1 3/4 inch.

John Wayne License Place Lamp

The base of this beautiful table lamp is made from a wrap around license plate with an image of "The Duke".  The base also has polished brass tone aluminum as the top of the base and at the bottom.

This lamp uses a maximum 60 watt bulb (not included). it has a six and a half foot cord (UL®-listed).

The shade is textured vinyl in a neutral color.

John Wayne A Photographic Celebration Book

Over the decades, John Wayne created an on-screen persona of a tough cowboy and war hero.  Off-screen, John gained recognition as a patriotic icon, something he took very seriously.

This book of three hundred full color photographs takes you through his career from when he had his breakthrough role in "Stagecoach" to his Oscar-winning performance in "True Grit".  The book is loaded with quotes from John himself and many of his loved ones; each providing insight to his on-screen and off-screen life.

This hardcover book has 540 pages.

John Wayne Thermometer

This thermometer is both good looking and made of tough stock, matching the characters the legendary John Wayne portrayed.  The thermometer is made from embossed steel and is designed for wall mounting; it has both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings.  It has predrilled holes for both indoor and outdoor mounting.  Proudly made in the USA.  Size: 7" x 16".

John Wayne Morphing Mug

Legendary movie actor was a true American hero in real life, too! When hot liquid is added, the heat-activated mug morphs from black to reveal a hidden image of The Duke and one of his memorable movie quotes, "Life is tough, but it's tougher if you're stupid." Ceramic; 11 ounces. US made. Not for dishwasher or microwave.

John Wayne Remembering "The Duke" Puzzle

Remembering The Duke, his many roles, and all that he stood for, this 1000-piece puzzle depicts a cherished collection that any Duke fan would be proud to own.  Made from recycled materials in the USA.  19.25"x 26.75".  WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

John Wayne Bigger Than Life DVD Set

Ultimately, movie actor John Wayne became the same as his screen persona of an all-American patriot and hero.  This three disc collection has four documentaries, contains interviews, rare television and film clips, and more.  It also has the comedy "McLiintock" with John co-starring with Maureen O'Hara.  Portions of this collection are in black and white, other portions in color.  The entire collection has a run time of 7.5 hours.

Video/DVD, books, and audio products may be returned in exchange for the same title only.

John Wayne Glad We Knew You Book

This 278 page softcover book reveals John Wayne as the remarkable and inspiring man that he was.  This tribute is candid, funny, and moving.  His friends and colleagues who worked, played, drank, and fought with him remember The Duke through photos and telling anecdotes.  The book is an excellent way to learn of his larger than life personality.

Video/DVD, books, and audio products may be returned in exchange for the same title only.

John Wayne Genuine Article Book

Authorized account reveals the man behind the screen legend.  Glimpse the archives of his childhood and college years, his early days in Hollywood, the westerns & war films, his support of the US troops and rise as a political figure; discover his relationships with business associates, friends, and family, and other milestones.  Full-color snapshots, film stills & movie posters, pull-out facsimiles of personal letters & telegrams, plus excerpts from his unfinished memoir provide new insight into the beloved star's life.  With preface by his son Ethan, and a foreword by former President Jimmy Carter, a self-proclaimed fan of The Duke.  Hardcover;  160 pages.  Video/DVD, books, and audio products may be returned in exchange for the same title only.

Greatest Western Heroes DVD

Return to the glorious days when cowboys were king and the west was still wild!  Charismatic portrayals by John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Clayton Moore, Gabby Hayes, Edgar Buchanan, and many more are wrangled into this legendary 12-DVD set!  Over 67 hours of classic movie courage, toughness, and humor in the American West.  Set a spell and enjoy! In black & white and color.  Video/DVD, books, and audio products may be returned in exchange for the same title only.

John Wayne License Plate

The plate is embossed and has a 12 inch by 6 inch sturdy metal frame.  It also has hemmed, child safe edges.  This colorful license plate will make a wonderful addition to anyone's collection.

John Wayne Million Dollar Novelty Bill

  • Bills are highly detailed and colorful on both the front and the back
  • Same size and feel of real money
  • Great gift or Collectible
John Wayne $Million Dollar$ Novelty Bill Collectible item.  These bills are the same size and feel of real money.  They are finely detailed, colorful on both front and back, and have high quality printing.  Makes a great gift, collectible or to framing for display.

John Wayne Monopoly Game

  • Monopoly, The John Wayne Edition
  • Celebrate the life and career of one of America's most beloved actors of our time, John Wayne known best for his roles as a cowboy
  • Includes six collectible tokens cowboy hat, belt buckle, cowboy boot, "duke" the dog, John Wayne's director's chair and stagecoach

John Wayne Tote Tin

  • Multicolored tin tote has secure latch closure
  • Great for holding lunches, snacks, supplies, music and other items
  • Lightweight
  • Photo quality images of this American Legend, front and back
  • Perfect gift for any John Wayne fan

John Wayne Fleece Throw Blanket

  • Measures 50 inches by 62 inches

John Wayne: The Life and Legend

"John Wayne: The Life and Legend" is an insightful biography by Scott Eyman. John Wayne was more than just one of Hollywood's most successful actors. As he grew as an actor, he transformed into a symbol of America itself. He epitomized the genre of the Western film, which for many people epitomized America. In his political life, he identified himself with conservative causes, from the early 1930s to his passing in 1979. In doing so, he became a hero to a generation of Americans and a villain to another generation. But John Wayne had no interest in politics as a career, unlike his fellow actor Ronald Reagan. John Wayne was also like many of his fellow stars, he changed his life story, claiming to have become an actor almost by accident when in fact he had studied drama and aspired to act for most of his youth. In his love life, he married three times, each to a Latina woman, and carried out a long affair with actress Marlene Dietrich, as unlikely a romantic partner as one could imagine for him. The characters John portrayed in his films all projected dignity, integrity, and strength, even when the characters were flawed; his characters also prepared to confront injustice in their own method. More than three decades after his passing, John Wayne is still a standard by which other male actors are judged and his morally unambiguous movies continue to attract sizable audiences.

In creating this biography, author Scott Eyman interviewed John Wayne, and many of John's family members, and he has used previously unpublished information from John's friends and associates, as well as documents from John's production company to product insight on John's business affairs. Scott traces John from his childhood until he achieved stardom in the movie "Stagecoach" and dozens of movies after that. He also looks at John's relationship with director John Ford, who directed some of John Wayne's best films, including "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon", "The Quiet Man", and "The Searchers". His evaluation of Wayne himself is shrewd: a skilled actor who was reluctant to step outside his comfort zone. Wayne was self-aware; he once said, "I've played the kind of man I'd like to have been." It's that man and the real John Wayne who are brilliantly profiled in this biography.